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The villain of the Season 1 finale "A Spy is Born I" and the Season 2 finale "A Spy is Born II".

Lumiere is an eccentric Hollywood director who became an outcast from the mainstream film community for his bizarre methods. In revenge, he concocted a scheme to kidnap the biggest Hollywood stars and take them to his private island, filled with various killer robots and deathtraps. There, the actors would star in Lumiere's own personal action movie where all the dangers and deaths would be real.

Unfortunately for the spies, Lumiere also ended up kidnapping Alex, who was impersonating one of the targeted Hollywood stars. The spies made their way to Lumiere's private island, and together with Alex managed to rescue the stars. However, Lumiere escaped a WOOHP Helicopter taking him into custody. He kidnaps Alex to force her partners to play along with his new action film. Eventually, the spies were able to thwart Lumiere once and for all.

Lumiere escapes from prison in "0067", where he, using the 'Ocram Ereimul' pseudonym (which is actually his name spelled backwards), and using plastic surgery to change his appearance, manipulates Jerry into eliminating all of Hollywood's producers. His plan is thwarted by the spies and Jerry.

He makes a cameo in  Season 4 episode "Evil Jerry" and Season 6 episode "Baddies on a Blimp".


  • Marco Lumiere voice actor Dee Bradley Baker is known for voicing in "Phineas and Ferb" as Perry the Playtpus and additional voices


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