Totally Spies! Mallbrawl is a flashgame produced by Marathon. It was premiered in the Totally Spies Marathon's Official Website. It was previously available on the Cartoon Network's internet site.


Tim Scan escape the WOOHP prision and start his evil revenge plan: make the prices in the malls on all the world became out of control, to make everyone buy things on his online store. And, put evil robots in the malls to destroy everyone that tries to stop his plan. The mission of the spies is to defeat the robots and Tim Scam and restore the prices.


You can choose Sam, Clover, or Alex.You have to destroy the robots in the malls. In each level, there are some computers. You have to find the restore card and pass it on all the computers to restore the prices. In each level,there is a different drink that give more energy to the spies.

There is three levels. The first level take place in the Beverly Hills Mall. The second take place in a London mall. And the third takes place in a French mall.

There are different gadgets in each level, you have to pick up the gadgets, that will help to defeat the robots and will help in some parts of the levels.

There are in the level 2 and level 3 secret passages. You have to enter in the secret passage to pass to some blocked places in the mall, that are really important.


  • Z - Kick
  • X - Use gadgets
  • Arrows (Left and Right) - Walk
  • Space bar - Pass the restore card, get the energy drink
  • Arrow (Up) - Jump
  • 1,2,3,4,5 - Choose a gadget