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Maggie Trendset was in "Inferior Designer!".


Maggie was responsible for abducting most of the interior designers worldwide and also behind the redesign the interior of the tourist spots and cloths became monstrous beings. The girls were investigating in Taj Mahal and finding out the interior of the temple is been redesigned and the girls were caught by it. They managed to escape her traps.

Later on, they investigate the white house and they hide from the President of the United States. Suddenly, they heard her voice in which she traps another interior designer with her own wall painting and the girls found him.

She reveals her motives to them that she was rejected from being the world of interior designer and finally ensnares the girls with her redesigned things as she leaves to redesigned the exterior the whole town in the U.S. Clover managed to save Samantha and Alex using her cowboy blade boots and they pursue Maggie once and for all.

The girls discover what Maggie had done in the city and they finally wanted to stop her. She then splashes them with a pink spray. She then target's the president's limosuine and wanted to redesigned it. The girls managed to stop her. She then attacks them with color sticks and the girls repel her attack then they managed to knock her down with her cartwheel three group flying kick She then wants to counter their attack until Alex managed to vacuum her designed things and Maggie wants to get it back as she was sucked in a vaccum finally foiled her plans once and for all. She was later taken to Jerry and his men to the WOOHP containment facility after rescuing the interior designers that she abducted.


  • Her appearance and hairstyle nearly resembles the real life singer, Rihanna.