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Dr. Logan Jay was a villain who was in the episode "Dental? More Like Mental". He was once a dentist to the stars. But after the President of the United States left Jay's whitening solution on too long, it ate through the President's teeth. As a result of this, the President revoked Jay's dentist licence, effectively ruining Jay's career as a dentist.

As such, Jay was enraged and decided to exact revenge against those responsible for ruining his career as well as ensuring that his former clients became freaks under his control with Sam even becoming one of his victims.

Despite his best efforts, Jay was eventually arrested and jailed.

Prior to his arrest, he let a brainwashed Sam to take care of both Clover and Alex when he leaves as Sam sprays the strange gas on Alex to become one of his victims. Unfortunately, the strange gas doesn't work on her but her toothache has been cured as she untie themselves with her Laser Nail File to deal with her.